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Email Marketing – Every email sent every day from your company makes a difference

Making every email count will make a valuable contribution to the company and email marketing, and result in a noticeable difference in any company. Being able to use every email sent, with an email marketing plan, to build, reinforce and enhance your brand makes good common sense. It is now possible to ‘speak with one voice’, regardless of the number of staff or their geographical location. The really good news is that this email marketing is possible without changing the program you use to send email. (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, GMail etc.) Every message your company sends presents your brand, products and / or service in the correct way.

How it works:

  • Write your email in the program you always use, e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Outlook Express etc.
  • When you hit send the email passes through a server that adds the marketing message and footer information.
  • The email arrives at the recipient with the correct header and footer and strengthens your brand.
  • Update the header and personalised footer information from a central point.
  • Receive notifications every time a link in the email is clicked on and view statistics on the emails sent.
Email Marketing integrates into every email sent from the company

Use daily email messages to increase the number of visits to your webiste.

Every message is formatted correctly

Email Marketing builds brand recognition with every email sent

Without changing the way you email you can educate, inform and update the people your company talks to on a daily basis about your products and services.

Integrating messages is ideal for:

  • reinforcing your brand
  • launching products
  • promoting sale items
  • communicating the latest news
  • promoting events, shows and exhibitions
  • driving more potential and existing customers to your website
  • Building mailing lists
  • Email Marketing your business, products and services


The implementation of this product requires the following:

  • Creating the content for the header – This could be a logo or promotional message etc.
  • The footer is normally the information of the person sending the email as well as legal disclaimers etc.
  • Changes to the settings for sending email.

Email marketing will make a difference to your company. Seamless integration ensures that once the solution is in place every message adds value.

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Why does it work?

Every Email:

  • has the correct branding
  • has the senders correct designation and contact information in the correct format
  • has the correct legal footer
  • can be used to educate, inform and update your existing and potential customers

View the statistics to see how many people clicked on links in the email.

Integrate into your website statistics and you get a good idea of how to update your site to generate more sales.

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